Educational Justice

As an educator, I have seen first hand the realities our public schools face. Today’s public school system was built upon a colonial foundation. COVID-19 has highlighted these historical realities and exacerbated the disparities that have resulted from the colonial inception of public schooling. To remedy these disparities, our federal government must prioritize the funding of public schools at a level that has never been attempted. 

Education Justice

Policy Priorities:

  • Free Child Care and Pre-K for all.

  • Full funding for additional nurses, counselors, after school programs, librarians, humanities and arts programs.

  • Reduce class sizes.

  • Increase the number of teachers, and pay teachers a professional and competitive wage across the nation.

  • Increase dual-language programs and bilingual education access.

  • Remove police officers from schools.

  • Tuition Free Public College

  • Enhance skilled trade and apprenticeship education in high schools.

  • Cancel all student debt in higher education.

  • Reduce federally mandated standardized testing.

  • Remove barriers to becoming teachers such as the EdTPA and other standardized testing that blocks BIPOC educators from becoming teachers.

  • Increase the number of teacher residency and principal residency programs, as well as early career educator mentorship programs.